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We provide full-fledged automated dialer without any agent interaction. Auto Dialer is most effective way of caring out promotional campaigns without any Agent interaction. This solution automatically dial the phone numbers from uploaded contact list one by one and plays the prerecorded audio message. This activity do not require any Agent interaction. Efficiently used for product promotion campaigns, political/election canvassing, broadcasting the notification, caring out market surveys etc. This Hardware based Auto Dialer identifies busy, unanswered calls, or calls answered by voicemails and answering machines. Auto Dialer can run in two modes:

  • Deliver a Simple voice messages to every recipient
  • The call recipient is presented with an IVR script that accepts touch phone responses.


  • Auto Dialer is used for highly professional and intense promotional activities.
  • Number list can be uploaded in various formats i.e text, excel or from SQL database.
  • Multiple campaigns can run simultaneously.
  • This activity do not require any Agent interaction.
  • Number of simultaneous calls dialed will be directly related with Hardware configuration.
  • It is possible to integrate this dialer application with customer database as well as 3rd party CRM.
  • It offers complete Agent performance analysis reports.
  • Reports are available for every dialing activity.
  • Every call response will be logged and detail report is available.
  • Multiple attempts can be assigned for unsuccessful calls

Benefits / Advantage

  • Easy to use :
    • Minimal manpower is require.
    • Administrator’s job is to upload the number list and assign the auto file which is to be played.
    • Once number list is uploaded and voice file is assigned the application runs automatically.
  • Productive :
    • No human interaction is require which eliminated the time delays due to human errors and limitations.
  • Analysis & Reporting :
    • Every request is register with system for analysis purpose.
    • Required MIS reporting is offered
  • Customize operation :
    • Complete customization can be offered as per the business process
    • This integrates seamlessly with multiple 3rd party applications/CRMs